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    How to increase the effectiveness of a rescue suit

Teoretical engineering

    This compact, simple and inexpensive device can double the performance of any diving suit in ice water.
    This device has a small volume, equal to the volume of a brick or a bottle of water. The device does not contain electrical power supplies or electronic components and does not require certification or maintenance.
    There are no complicated, expensive or rare components in this device. There are tens of thousands of factories in the world where it can be produced. The production cost will be approximately $ 10.
    The efficiency of the device can be significantly increased if additional elements are used, which can also be simple.
    The device is very easy to use. No complicated instructions or training required to use, a simple picture is enough. This device significantly increases the effectiveness of the rescue suit in cold water. It can be used even if a person is in the water without a suit - it is possible to get up to several hours of safety.
    The weight of the device is unlikely to exceed 1 kilogram. This is not a lot for an airplane, helicopter, boat, yacht, submarine.
    The device is designed in such a way that it can easily withstand overloads, for example, pilot ejection.
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    The device has one drawback - it is still not in production. But for business it is an additional opportunity, an additional niche for development.
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    Device for rescuing pilots and sailors in cold water  

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